Yesterday I had a no worries outing on 3 of the 415 buses: the Woodward, Grand River and Dexter. It was troublesome though that the Woodward had a broken fare box. Since I pay for a monthly bus pass, I experience minor resentment when the fare box is broken and everyone else just rides free. And duh, if you have a bus that can’t accept fares, and if the fare box can’t be fixed, shouldn’t that bus at least be switched to a route with fewer riders?


The good news is the ticket machine at the Rosa Parks terminal seems to be finally working, so you can buy a single-use ticket. It would be nice if you could get these from the outlets that sell the weekly and monthly passes, rather than pay to take the bus downtown to get a ticket to leave downtown. Once you get to the terminal, it is cheaper to buy from the illicit sellers peddling everything from bus passes to loose cigarettes.


At the terminal, I caught the Linwood, which seemed to leave the terminal on schedule.


Unfortunately, since there were no schedules available at the terminal for the Grand River or Dexter buses, I only know that I caught the 3 buses within 10 minutes of reaching their stops. It might help if the company running the buses had some performance standards and paid penalties for not meeting them. Current and accurate schedules should, at the least, be available online.

I do not even bother to get a Woodward schedule, since it runs in a haphazard and incomprehensible manner, 3 buses jockey for position, within 5 minutes, in either direction, then no telling when the next caravan will arrive.

-Syri S.