I have ridden all 4 of the 415 buses in the past 48 hours.

I have to say that while it is possible that these buses ran every 15 minutes, the fact that there are not up-to-date schedules for the other buses still makes traveling to an appointment problematic.


Today, my son and I went grocery shopping. We took the Woodward to Warren and did see the Crosstown bus within 10 minutes (we walked to the University Market at the Lodge service drive by the time the bus passed).


Then we thought we would take the Linwood downtown, to catch the Gratiot to the Eastern Market, so we walked a couple blocks to Trumbull. There was no bus in sight so we thought we would walk a bit. We walked all the way to Grand River, which is a transfer point for the Tireman, Linwood, and Grand River buses, without passing a Linwood bus going in either direction. This was probably a 40 to 45 minute walk.


Thank goodness 2 Grand River buses were coming and we got to the Rosa Parks Terminal in time to catch the Russell Bus to the Eastern Market (No problems there—this bus runs about once an hour, and it left on schedule so if you catch it on schedule, you are in luck)


We had a little more than 15 minute wait for the Gratiot, which took us back to the terminal. Since the Dexter came before the Woodward, we took it to Warren Avenue, planning to catch the Crosstown to another market. 


After waiting for the Crosstown bus for 10 minutes, we started walking, again. The Crosstown overtook us about 2 blocks from the Food Pride store, so we took it for 2 blocks, shopped and walked back to Woodward without seeing a West Bound Crosstown Bus. A Woodward bus came along within 2 minutes and had seats and a working farebox—YEAH!

-Syri S.