0n Friday I took the Woodward bus north to Revival Tabernacle Church in Highland Park  I went to pay respects to one of my co-workers who departed life this week. No real complaints about my northbound ride. The bus was crowded, but not so much that anyone was left at the stops.


Coming out of the church, a bus came along within 10 minutes. I missed it since I did not really want to wait at the stop in front of the adult bookstore and movie LOL and because I stopped to talk to Detroit City Councilwoman Brenda Jones about the cuts in bus service. Ms. Jones stated that she has ridden the bus and did not vote for or support the cuts.


Obviously, we need to know which members did support these cuts and address our concerns to all City Council members.


On the return trip, the bus was not overly crowded even after picking up a rider in a wheelchair.


I listened to a woman my age who had horror stories of being accosted and attacked while waiting for the bus on more than one occasion.


The longer the wait, the more vulnerable citizens and especially seniors, are to violent crime.


I don’t think it really helps that the few sheltered benches are occupied by drug users and illicit peddlers. Legitimate bus riders risk, if not getting robbed, at least getting unintentionally high if they take shelter. I feel the council, the mayor and Ronald Freeland should be encouraged to ride the buses (without their security guards).