As buses get more crowded and tempers get shorter, confrontations between fellow passengers and passengers and drivers seem to be increasing.

I know that on a closed system like the People Mover, it is easier to install and monitor closed circuit TV’s, but why is it that police can get off and on the People Mover (often in pairs) and not the DDOT buses?

Moreover, video technology is used in police cars, so obviously the technology to monitor the buses exists. Instead, we get “Text My Bus,” which works about as well as the buses.

Why not just get the buses back to running on time? At least then riders would not have to waste their time and text minutes trying to find out when the bus may arrive.

And by the way, I wonder if Mr. Freeland, the supposedly bus-riding CEO of Envisurage, has tried to get an arrival time for the Woodward bus from downtown.

Yesterday, after waiting 14 minutes for an ETA on the Dexter bus at Cass and Kirby, I got a message back while I was on the bus, with another “bunched” Dexter bus, playing tag with mine. This is one of the supposed 4/15 buses, which also include the Woodward. They certainly do not come every 15 minutes.

Leaving Downtown, texting Woodward and Larned, I got about 4 other buses, but no Woodward. I input cross-streets Cadillac Square and John R and still could not get information about the Woodward bus.

It might help if the signs posted at bus stops with the names of the routes also had the “shortcut” code, but “Text My Bus” seems to be an attempt to distract riders from the fact that buses are less, not more, on schedule than before.

If they were on schedule, TMB would be as unnecessary as it has proved ineffectual.