Speaking of the Election (as we all still are), I had to go to the post office after voting on Woodward & Chandler. I walked to the Post Office on Baltimore because I did not see a Woodward bus until I was there. Not too bad, since this is only about a 15 minute walk.

Coming back though, I had just missed a bus, so I walked to the stop at Woodward and E Grand Blvd, and had time to discuss the weather, the election, the economy, and oh yes, the state of DDOT  while I and the other riders waited for the Woodward bus, which is supposed to come every 15 minutes.

Did I mention it was a little cold Election Day? I am having really BAD premonitions about being house-bound this winter.

A cold, harsh winter is predicted, and I feel for those who have to be somewhere, workers, students, and just folks with business to transact.

I can usually get one of the “bunched” Woodward buses that show up at unscheduled intervals. Still, the thought of waiting 2 hours, as I did one Saturday in the summer, fills me with dread when I add wind and snow to the mix.

I imagine the already frayed tempers of DDOT riders growing worse turning their holiday spirit into one of frustration, rather than joy.

There should be holiday jobs available, but are people going to be able to get to them? Small businesses should profit from holiday spending, but are customers going to be able to get to them? People will want to replenish their spirits and celebrate the reasons for the seasons.-Will they be able to get to church?

I hope the next 4 years bring prosperity to our country, and that when prosperity returns, we are able to get to church to give thanks for it, to schools to prepare for it, and to jobs to partake of it.