I am well and truly P.O.’d, hearing that further cuts are going to be asked of our DDOT drivers. This is not going to make a bus system cost effective when the fare boxes are not operational on 30 percent of the buses. Today, 2 of the 3 buses I took to my destination had broken fare boxes. Yesterday 2 of the Woodward buses I rode could not accept fares.
Maybe the DDOT Management team (like the oily-tongued Wilfred Beal) need to take a pay cut until they can get fare boxes working and collect some revenue. Instead they are getting paid to cut services, costing DDOT-riding tax-payers to lose their jobs, cutting salary and benefits to hard-working, tax-paying coach drivers, and claiming that service in inexplicably “better” without asking bus riders if this is really the case. Stand up for DDOT drivers, they are not the problem!

The front entrance at Rosa Parks Terminal has been cordoned off for several days. This is where you go for schedules, information, bus tickets or to use the bathroom, while you wait for buses running off-schedule and up to an hour apart. The LED arrival and departure signs were out of service for weeks and then repaired in some make-shift manner that left half of them out of service again a couple weeks later.

Bus stop signs are knocked down and never replaced.

What exactly are administrators being paid to administer? Neglecting basic maintenance, cutting bus lines and starving Bus Drivers is NOT providing a better, safer, or more cost-effective public transportation system.