So,OK, this morning, before my friend set out again to try to get to the DMC from the North End, I pulled up the Oakland (rte 36) schedules on the DDOT website to see if they had changed. The time for the Oakland bus to arrive at Oakland and Owen remains 730, 830, 930am. Oddly, though when I check Text My Bus at 740a.m., I get an arrival time of 41 minutes, which means the 830am bus is actually arriving at 821, instead of 830.

Now, while I can understand a bus being late-maybe having a delay from picking up a wheel-chair, or even a traffic snafu, I can NOT understand why it would arrive 10 minutes earlier than scheduled.

My friend is a Senior citizen, and does not carry a cell-phone, or use text messaging, so he, and many other technology challenged DDOT customers, rely on buses, particularly those, like the Oakland which run only once an hour, and have a limited number of runs, to be on schedule.

It is bad enough that there are only 2 morning Oakland buses that run to the DMC once it opens in the morning.  Riders who need to pick up prescriptions, get to doctors appointments, or to work in the Medical Center, should be able to schedule their transportation.  Again DDOT is letting its customers down, while insisting that it is in some way providing “better” service.

These two look happy (They are Ronald Freeland and Wilfred Beal) What about us riders?

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