Dreadful weather or no, I just had to go down to Sav-a-lot in Highland Park to use my 5.00 off coupon. And guess what? I waited no more than 5 minutes for the Northbound Woodward bus! Of course it had standing room only, and typically, the fare box did not function, nor did the stop signal.

Oh well, a kind gentleman gave me a seat, once I got past the people who would not move back, and cursed at anyone who tried to get to the back of the bus. And,  I was close enough to the front of the bus to start hollering “Coming out, coming out”

Returning south,  I was happy to see a bus coming within a few minutes of leaving Family dollar.  This bus had plenty of free seats and everything but the fare box seemed to be functional.

Now, Envisurage always claims that figures (as opposed to Customer satisfaction) indicate an improvement in service,and while Envisurage executives and CEO Ronald Freeman draw six-figure bonuses and salaries, have a media spin going that greedy unions are to blame for the DDOT system running in the red. This while at least 30 percent of buses I ride do not collect fares.

Doesn’t it seem a more equitable cost-cutting measure would be not to ask DDOT employees, who are doing their jobs to accept cuts in pay and benefits, but rather to count the revenue lost in uncollected fares, and take it out of Envisurage’s compensation?
I’m just sayin’…..