I am thinking I will give up riding DDOT buses on Sundays, not just because the service is so slow and erratic, but because the dangerous overcrowding has erupted into violent confrontation on the most recent Sundays my son and I have ridden on DDOT.

I have to say that the lady driver, this Sunday was able to get the threatening passenger-a foul-mouthed teen-ager, off the bus before physical violence occurred.  He got into an argument, apparently because a child lost her balance when the bus started, and accidentally bumped him. His  heated response to this accident was to curse the child, which led to the ladies who accompanied the child becoming upset. This rapidly escalated to threats of physical violence.

The driver had the presence of mind to stop the bus by a police car and eject the young man.

This was certainly an improvement over my last Sunday ride, where a passenger  uttered threats and brandished a knife, openly before attacking another passenger with it.

Does the “Better Service” that Ronald Freeland, Wilfred Beal and Dave Bing boast of include increased safety for  DDOT passengers and driver?  Aren’t folks who hold an entire bus hostage to their lack of respect and self-control urban terrorists.

Is this why the elitist Street Car to nowhere in particular is being built|? So folks with no real stake in our city can pass through as though riding a Zoo tram?