Friday,   I left the Max Fisher theater about 10pm after a concert, and just missed a Southbound Woodward bus. So I walked down Woodward to MacK and about 20 minutes later, a Mack bus came along, just ahead of the next Woodward bus. Downtown at the Rosa Parks Terminal, the Grand River was only slightly behind schedule, and was packed by the time we crossed Greenfield.

I saw a bus heading back downtown, so rushed to my destination, picked my son up, and caught the Grand River back downtown within about 10 minutes.

Got Downtown at about 1245 on a Friday night, and WOW!!!! No more buses were leaving the terminal!!!

What kind of hick town has Detroit turned into when DDOT thinks the side-walks should roll up at 1:00 in the morning?

For heavens sake, bars do not have to close til 2am, the Casinos are open all night, there are evening shows and sports events, concerts, festivals at Hart Plaza. These events bring revenue into Downtown, but are they only for those who drive? There are lots of restaurants and clubs in Midtown Lots of jobs and events that should be easily accessible to North End residents if we did not have a 1am curfew.

The Meijer Thrifty Acres at 8 mile and Woodward appears ready to open. Are folks in our area going to be able to work the 24 hour shifts like to be available? .

Obviously, we are not going to be able to get to 8 Mile on the Street Car to no where. Is the projected BRT going to stop running at 1, as well?