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I am getting my bike running, so I can occasionally leave the North End.
Dont get me wrong-my home and my heart are in the North End, but I would, occassionally like to visit other parts of SouthEast Michigan, like the nearest Kroger store on 8 mile and Wyoming. My son and I tried to get there on Friday. We started out at about 11:30 am, and gave up at about 1pm. After 3 loaded buses passed us going North, we were too tired to walk to Grand Blvd to take the Dexter north, so we thought we would grab a Southbound Woodward bus we saw coming. OMG did that one just pass us, too???? Yes, indeed, it did. We went home.

Fortunatly, our cupboard was not bare, so we did our grocery shopping at Aldi in Highland Park on Sunday. A bus came, within minutes of our reaching the corner of Woodward and Hague, and we even got a seat.

Nothing worse though, than getting somewhere, finishing your business, and being stuck while buses roll past.

Come on, DDOT, with your “Better” Bus service!

Woodward and Sears is only a few miles from the State Fair terminal,yet the Woodward bus was full by the time it got to our stop. So I waited with 3 other Senior Citizens, one a vision-impaired lady with a cane and several bags, for about 17 minutes for the next bus.

Is a Street Car from just past our neighborhood, to a bunch of bars and sports venues beneficial to the North End or most of Detroit?

Same answer to Rapid Transit from Pontiac to Downtown if it by-passes the North End and other Detroit neighborhoods

Restoration of our connecting services is needed. Larger, more frequent, and more reliable buses are needed. We need our buses to return to running on schedule. We do not need to be referred to “Text my Bus” which can not tell you that the 3 buses it indicates are caravaning down the street will all leave you standing in their exhaust fumes.