The past 3 days I have gone from Hague St in the North End, to attend Complete Street functions in the New Center.

henry ford museum 004On Monday evening, I only had to wait 10 minutes for the Woodward bus-so who needs a seat for that short a distance? The other 2 days, I took the 20 minute walk, during which no southbound buses passed. So what are Complete Streets going to do to help me get where I need to go? Well for DDOT riders, don’t look for any help from Complete Streets.

For some reason, they have taken into account the projected BRT, the planned Street Car, Bicyclists, Pedestrians, supposedly the disabled, but not the thousands of riders going between Downtown Detroit and Eight Mile Rd, attending to jobs, shopping or the day to day concerns of life.

Today, I wanted to go to the Wayne State Farmers Market, a  10 minute ride down Woodward. After being passed by two buses, and with no glimpse of another, I walked to 2nd and West Grand Blvd, just in time to catch a Dexter Bus to the market. About 20 minutes later,my shopping complete, another  Dexter came along and took me to my next destination, the Hub, near Mack.

I should have taken the Dexter bus home, since I had about a 15 minute wait for a northbound Woodward bus, back to the North End. That  got me home just in time turn around and head back to New Center. Of course there was no Woodward bus coming so I walked the 20 minute walk again, again without seeing a southbound Woodward bus. So Maybe I was a little testy when I got to the meeting, and tried to find out why, while Complete Streets is defined as including Public Transit, there is no consideration of bus service in the North End in the pretty plans. They seem far more interested in planting flowers than in transporting people