lessons-learned-in-project-managementYesterday, I had to make a “quick” run to the UPS office at Staples on E Jefferson. A year ago this was a hop, skip and jump out of the North End, since  once you catch a bus into the Rosa Parks Terminal, the Jefferson bus will drop you off at Chene.

Now you spend far more time waiting than in transit.

The Jefferson should run about every 20 minutes, and was in the terminal when I arrived (after a 20 minute wait for the Dexter, which is supposed to run every 15 minutes.

As is often the case, though, there was no departure time for the bus, so the long line of folks waiting for it had no idea whether they had time to run in to the rest-room, or needed to hold their water to catch the bus. I  waited 15 minutes for the bus to load.

I took care of my business at Staples, and checked “Text My Bus” to find out if I had time to run in the Dollar Tree store. Saw 4 minutes til the next bus-great.  29 til the next, then 45. So I hustled across Jefferson to the bus stop., where I waited close to an hour for a westbound bus. Apparently, not only the bus due in 4 minute, but the next in 29 got sucked into a black-hole

Having learned some lessons as a frequent Woodward bus rider, I did not take the Jefferson back to Rosa Parks, but waited at the end/beginning of the line at Jefferson and Beaubien. Scored a seat, which was great because by the time the bus picked up the folks waiting at Rosa Parks, all seats were full. We left Downtown with standing room only.

So, come on, do we really need a Street Car running  60 people at a time for 3 miles down Woodward at 11 miles an hour more than we need more and larger buses running more frequently for the thousands who commute down Woodward?

More access for Detroiters to jobs in  our community and in the suburbs and more environmentally sound, cost effective transportation for those coming from the suburbs to work in Detroit?

Is it more important that a few people get to entertainment venues or that the rest of us get to destinations important to our day to day lives?