IMG_20130505_142244It seems only yesterday I was complaining about long waits for DDOT buses in Michigan’s winter weather-having buses pass me in sleet, snow and freezing temperatures. Once it warmed up, I kinda reconciled myself to standing or walking in the rain, but I am trying to remember if the cold was worse than being out in 90+heat indexed weather with 70 percent humidity, and having 3 buses go by, too full to take me to Aldi in Highland Park. It took me 2 hours to get 15 minutes from my home.


Coming back, no buses passed me, though I waited about 20 minutes for a southbound Woodward bus, and when it arrived, it had standing room only


Woodward and Sears is no more than 2 miles from the State Fair Terminal, where the Woodward begins in southbound journey. By the time the bus passed through the Highland Park business district it was leaving riders at stops from Highland Park through the North End.


There was a second bus close on the heels of mine, and when it passed me at Woodward and Hague, it was also full to capacity. So folks heading to jobs or transfer points Downtown from south of Davison seem like they are SOL.


Those who can get on at State Fair will probably get a seat when their bus finally comes. Hopefully they don’t suffer from claustrophobia