henry ford museum 004I am still wondering what happened to the 4/15 plan. Last Thursday, my family and I went to a Candidates Night at Blessed Sacrament Cathedral, which is right down Woodward. Since it was raining, we took our rain-coats and umbrellas and walked up to Woodward-did not see a bus, so started walking. Twenty or so minutes later, we arrived at the Cathedral, without seeing a northbound Woodward bus. Makes you wonder about the 4 buses that run every 15 minutes.

On Monday, I had agreed to meet my Mom at the DMC. Unfortunately, I over-slept and missed the last Oakland bus. That is the bus that takes you to the Kresge Eye Institute, Receiving Hospital, Children’s Hospital, etc.  It runs only until about 9:30 am.  So while the day, again, held a threat of rain we waited at the Woodward bus stop, where, for sure a Woodward bus arrived, though it rolled past us. The bus was so full you could not see daylight on the other side, could barely see the driver give an apologetic wave.

So-once more we started walking. We reached West Grand Blvd, a 20 minute walk of almost a mile, without seeing another southbound Woodward bus. We saw a Dexter bus coming and ran for it. Thank goodness, someone took pity on an out-of-breath Senior Citizen and gave me a seat. This bus had standing room only, but at least it had room.

The next thing I had to wonder was why the Street Car is getting hundreds of millions of dollars to transport people basically to entertainment venues, while others can’t get to hospitals in their community. I also question the wisdom of the Complete Streets plan widening side-walks and planting trees, instead of using the money to repair roads and street-lights. These plans seem designed to somehow by-pass the North End and to ignore its transportation needs.There is no provision for improving DDOT service and the other, proposed modes do not concern themselves with riders north of the Boulevard or South of Highland Park.