henry ford museum 004Its getting harder and harder to get where you are going on DDOT.

Tuesday morning, my son and I got up early to go down the street to the ACLU office on Woodward and Temple for a protest against the proposed “Stop and Frisk” initiative Detroit Police officers are supposed to be trained on. This is maybe a 10 minute ride on the Woodward bus, and “Text my Bus” indicated the 53 (Woodward) coming in about 11 minutes. That gave us time to walk up to Woodward and wait about 8 minutes for the bus, which arrived 5 minutes behind schedule and stuffed to the gills. The driver waved to us and gestured to the back of the bus which was so full you could not see daylight on the other side,.

Another bus did come along before we got to Grand Blvd. We had decided to start walking, figuring if the next bus also passed us, we could catch the Dexter and do a bit more walking.

The Woodward bus that overtook us at the stop just before Grand Blvd had standing room only, but did pick us up, so we were only fifteen minutes late, since it took an hour to get 10 minutes down the street. Made me wonder what kind of logistics are involved in getting to school or work on time 5 or 6 days a week….Of course, if the new Street Car to Campus Martius was up and running, I could have walked across Grand Blvd a couple of blocks caught it,and made my leisurely way down Woodward at a pace that would still have made me late.

How is the City of Detroit even thinking of putting this Tinkertoy on the busiest thoroughfare in Southeast Michigan, when drivers and cyclists are pitted against potholes, bus riders are being chilled, roasted and soaked waiting hours for a bus?

I picture the affluent Streetcar riders pointing us out to their affluent children.”Look that’s the endangered species-the Working Poor. We have hunted and harried them almost out of existence, but a few are too tough to die”