Daily Reports from a North End Bus Rider

my son and I rode 3 buses including the Woodward today. Of course we
did not have to wait more than 15 minutes for one to pass us by. It was
closely followed by another which had seats. BTW, this bus also had a
courteous, professional driver, as most of those on Woodward
are—contrary to comments I have heard.

I would kinda like to do a video titled “Would you like
someone to come to your job and talk to you like THAT?” I am impressed
that I have never heard a bus driver curse at a passenger.


We next took the Linwood, which left the terminal on schedule, and the Hamilton.

question today, though, is why can you get anything at the Rosa Parks
Terminal except change to ride the bus—an issue which doesn’t matter so
much on the SMART buses, which can give you a credit if you do not have
exact change? Does anyone remember the Superman movie where the criminal
stole a fraction of a cent from millions of people and it added up to a
fortune? If not for the fact that the fare boxes so frequently don’t
work, maybe DDOT could make up its deficit from the small change people
overpay. Whatever happened to being able to buy bus tickets for an
individual ride?

-Syri S.