I took the bus to visit my sister at Providence Hospital today. ‘Took the Woodward, which came within 10 minutes, to Milwaukee, ‘walked over to the New Center and caught a Dexter bus with no more than a 5 minute wait.


The Dexter bus took me to the door of Providence Hospital in Southfield. I came out and the bus was at the stop, and left on schedule. I had to wonder why I can get timely transportation to a hospital in Southfield, but not to the Detroit Medical Center hospitals in Midtown Detroit.


I do not mind walking a block or two, but from the Woodward line it is 4 long blocks from Mack or the Crosstown–a good half-mile to Detroit Receiving or Children’s.


BTW I guess I could have been back in the North End in 45 minutes if I had not decided I did not want to walk from Grand Blvd. back across Euclid to Hague, or ride the Dexter all the way downtown and catch the Woodward or Oakland back. My plan was to transfer from the Dexter at Northland and take the Eight Mile bus to the State Fair terminal and connect with the Woodward.


This was a strategic error.  Although the Eight Mile bus was at Northland when the Dexter arrived, it was seriously over-crowded, as all buses leaving Northland seem to be. Apparently the air conditioning was not working.


The Eight Mile bus goes from Telegraph Road on the west-side to Gratiot on the East Side, and while it seems, in common with the Clairmont and Crosstown buses, to be an integral part of connecting the city, these buses are not recognized as being as important, perhaps because they ONLY seem to serve city residents.


Another time I would definitely just take the Dexter all the way downtown–It will probably be just as crowded by the time it gets to Rosa Parks, but getting on at the beginning of a route usually guarantees a seat (unless the bus breaks down and you have to change to the next full bus).

-Syri S.