Yikes! Today, my son and I decided to go downtown on the Woodward bus. We should have packed a lunch.
we start walking if we can’t see the bus when we get to Woodward. From
Hague to Bethune is about a 15 to 20 minute amble, a little more with a
stop in Value World-so make it 30 minutes to the New Center CVS without
sighting a southbound bus.
We waited about 10
minutes at the stop in front of CVS and chatted with a lady in a
wheelchair who had been waiting 40 minutes for the bus. She was
concerned that when a bus did come, she could still be by-passed if
another wheelchair had already been picked up.
left her at the stop and continued our walk across Grand Blvd. where we
could look for the Dexter bus. After about 5 minutes we rejoiced to see a
Woodward bus, which passed us by

We then waited another 10 minutes before the next
bus came (and no southbound Dexter was spotted). This one had a broken fare box,
and not too many seats.

We didn’t see the lady in the wheelchair, so hoped she was on the first bus.
arrived at Rosa Parks almost 2 hours after we left our house, and the
Chene Bus was 20 minutes behind schedule with no ETA. Fortunately, the
Van Dyke was on time so we took it. We walked around by Woodward and
Jefferson and by Michigan Ave., then headed back to the bus terminal. The Woodward
does not go to the river for the weekend festivals, so you have to take
another bus if you are going to Hart Plaza or Greektown or any of the
restaurants on Jefferson.  You then have to take the People Mover or
walk back or pray for the Jefferson bus (see my Saturday blog on THAT

-Syri S.

Syri is a retired Senior and North End resident who, with her disabled son, Chioko, rides the DDOT buses almost daily.