Life is not getting any easier for bus riders in Detroit. If you are on a non 415 bus (i.e. any bus that isn’t the Woodward, Gratiot, Grand River, or Dexter), expect to wait an hour between buses. Schedules are unavailable for most routes, and with the erratic Woodward service, it’s hard to know if you just missed your connection or are just about to.  I waited almost 2 hours for the Plymouth bus in Livonia, with a group of riders who had already been waiting an hour and a half. The schedule shows this bus running once an hour, so why a 3 hour wait between buses? The bus that finally picked us up was the same bus that dropped us off! Apparently, it made the circuit to Gratiot on the east side, and was the only bus on the route?

To add insult to injury, monthly bus  passes were not shipped to Metro Detroit CVS stores by the first of the month. The Rosa Parks ticket office is closed weekends, and the ticket machine does not dispense monthly passes.

Do ya think DDOT will let us use our June passes to get downtown to Rosa Parks for July passes? To work, school, or wherever else we need to go? Or maybe give us a discount for Sunday and Monday?

Since my son and I take the bus almost every day, a monthly regional bus pass is something we consider a neccesary part of our monthly budget. DDOT drivers cannot provide change, so without a pass, I have to make sure I have change for a 2 way trip–unless of course I luck out and get a bus with a broken fare box.

-Syri S.