Monday, I attended a NWCC meeting at St. Matthew’s & St. Joseph’s Episcopal Church Detroit. Bus service in Detroit continues to deteriorate, causing greater hardship to the working poor and others unable to drive.

I ride the DDOT buses most days and most days I hear complaints about the system’s unreliability. Most are venting with little hope of a solution. The general feeling seems to be that no one is on the side of folks trying to make a living in a depressed economy with dwindling resources. I am in awe of those trying to get to 2 or 3 jobs just to make ends meet.

One older bus rider told me that cuts had been initiated in the 70’s and Henry Ford interceded on behalf of auto workers. Service was restored.

It seems that there is no longer a corporate presence with the influence or interest to support workers’ need for reliable, affordable transportation.

Maybe it’s time for smaller businesses that have invested time and money in developing a workforce to band together with their employees to express a united concern.

–Syri Simpson