Last month’s Transportation Justice meeting bought out more concerns about riders losing their jobs. I have been listening to riders on the Woodward and Grand River lines vent on this issue––and these are the so-called 4/15 buses. Riders who miss their connections or experience breakdowns of lines running an hour between buses are looking at being 2 or more hours late. It is not reasonable to expect anyone to have to allot a 2-3 hour cushion to their morning commute just to be sure to catch the scheduled bus to work.

Service continues to be erratic and unpredictable on Woodward. I find myself wondering, “Who thought that nobody wants to go to Woodward and Jefferson on the weekend?” The city spends big bucks advertising the  River Walk, then makes getting to it a Herculean effort on the weekend. It already seemed odd to me that you cannot take the Woodward Bus to the downtown CVS or Charter One Bank during the week because the Woodward Bus misses several blocks of Woodward. You have to walk blocks to the downtown library or those cute restaurants (Olga’s, Hard Rock Café, etc.) on or off Woodward. On weekends, the bus sometimes goes to Michigan and from there to the terminal, and sometimes makes its usual turn off Woodward, following Bagley to the terminal.

The Gratiot bus, which (with plenty of room) has twice passed me by at the Gratiot and Russell stop near the Eastern Market may or may not stop at the terminal. So, if your bus is at the Michigan/Cass stop or in the terminal and the driver doesn’t let you off until you are on the other side of Cass, that is a bus missed. Hope it’s at least a 4/15 bus you missed!

–Syri Simpson