Today my son and I took the Woodward bus to Wayne State University’s Farmers Market. We got one of the newer buses which DDOT touts as working better–LOL. Passengers had to enter and exit through the back door because the front door and the fare box were out of commission. As usual, the bus was crowded to capacity, so getting out was a struggle. The bus driver couldn’t holler out the front door, so passengers were confused. My son is handicapped, but we could not get to the handicapped seating in the front of the bus, so it was fortunate that the ride from Woodward and Euclid to Woodward and Kirby was not a long one.

Technology once again had me stumped when we left the market and looked for the Dexter bus to go downtown. There were others who had been waiting some time and we didn’t see it so I used “Text my Bus.”

This did provide the expected arrival times for the next three buses: 2 minutes, 3 minutes, and 11 minutes. The Dexter is one of the 4/15 buses. Is it really better service to have 2 buses––neither at capacity––1 minute apart, followed by yet another in less than 10 minutes?

Text My Bus is not as useful as you might think. I tried to use it Sunday for the Woodward bus leaving Highland Park. I input Woodward and Sears, where only the Woodward bus stops, and got a choice of the Puritan, Schoolcraft, or Chicago-Davison, which all stop at Manchester, but do not come down Woodward to Sears.

You already have to text at least twice to get a route even when it works correctly. If you get the wrong routes, are you supposed to keep inputting cross streets until you hit on the right combination? Before I got the Woodward information, the bus had come. I guess that was a good thing.