My son and I used to enjoy trips to the Eastern Market on Tuesdays before the bus cuts. The Oakland bus would take us to Mack and the Chrysler Freeway where we could catch the Mack to Russell or the Russell to Gratiot. Now, the Oakland only runs ’til 930 a.m. on Tuesdays.

What we can do on Saturday is take the Woodward to Mack, and wait as long as 40 minutes, or we can go Downtown on the Woodward and take the Gratiot, the Mack, or the Chane which is ALWAYS “Scheduled to Depart,” which means it did not arrive on schedule and its next departure time is unknown.

Leaving the market on Saturday, our choices to get back to Woodward are the Mack or Gratiot. Text My Bus gave a 20-minute wait time for the Mack. We went to McDonald’s, got a drink, came out and looked for the bus, which was not in sight, and, as often happens when the bus should be arriving, we could not get text info. We started walking and reached Woodward without seeing a westbound bus. We walked from Russell (no Saturday bus anymore, though it is the Eastern Market’s busiest day), past Beaubien (where the Oakland bus does not run through the Medical Center on Saturday) a mile or so to Woodward. I am thinking this would not be fun on a winter day.

Tuesday, we took the Woodward downtown to Jefferson and stopped in Greektown for supplies to fortify us for a wait. We caught a Gratiot bus to the Eastern Market just in time to have an hour wait for the Russell, which we used to shop and eat.

The Russell bus was no more than 3 minutes late, so no complaints there. What I found surprising though, was that this bus route took me through several housing complexes, at least 2 schools, pretty close to the DMC, past an industrial area, and to the Russell Bazaar, where we got off. The bus route continues through Hamtramck though.

This left me wondering why this bus does not run on the weekends since most factories run weekends, it is the busiest day for the Easter Market, the only time the Russell Bazaar is open, and the only time people in the area who work may be able to keep doctors appointments.