Thursday, my son and I had to drop some papers off at the Social Security office in Highland Park. Since this is right off Woodward, we had no problem getting there and getting a bus back to the Save-A-Lot grocery store, also on Woodward.

Then we decided to walk down to Calvert and take the Plymouth/Caniff bus west. We know that this connection is slow, so looked to DDOT for an estimated time––enter “Text my Bus,” which gave us about a 24-minute wait. This gave us time to walk to CVS and retext for an estimated 11 minute wait. We got a cold drink and came out to join the others waiting. I gave them the news that there was only a two-minute wait with 57 minutes till the next bus. This news was met by disbelieving stares. Those of little faith (or those who had been waiting at least a half hour) started walking as I continued to look and text.

My next message from Text My Bus was that the next bus was 54 minutes away!
I rushed to take the next Woodward back to the North End so I could catch the news about an alien bus abduction.

Apparently, the story was quashed by the Bus Service is Better Bureau : )