Yesterday I took the Dexter Bus to the Wayne State Farmers Market. I caught it on Woodward from downtown and am pretty sure it was clean, mechanically sound, and on time. I don’t think it is a good thing, though, to have to ask the bus driver which bus he is driving because the display is not working, especially at a stop that services the Hamilton, Dexter, Woodward, and Mack.
Text my Bus is also problematic at stops for multiple buses. Of course, it often gives you odd responses anyway, even if you’re only at a single-route stop.

For instance, yesterday I was trying to get times for the Woodward, got a multiple-choice menu, and sent the letter code for the Northbound Woodward. I got a response for the Wyoming!!

Leaving the Farmers Market, I texted my location at Kirby and Woodward. I had not received a response 17 minutes later when the bus arrived.

I am thinking I should have gotten Ronald Freeland’s number, since when he is not out riding the buses (LOL), he is apparently in the midst of his DDOT web of data, where riders are trapped in the sticky strings he manipulates like a greedy giant spider.

BTW, we still have not seen Freeland (or Chris Brown) on any of the DDOT buses we ride. Hats off, though to Councilwoman Joanne Watson, who was identified by a bus driver–a bus driver who had NOT seen Freeland : )