Today my son and I joined some of my old co-workers for lunch and shopping at the Eastern Market. Since Ronald Freeman assured us all yesterday that our DDOT service was better because “The 4/15 Plan is working,” I was sure this jaunt would be no problem. LOL

Sure enough, I caught the Woodward at Blaine within 5 minutes. We stopped at the end of the Woodward line and walked over to Gratiot, just missing a Gratiot bus. Since this is one of 4 bus lines scheduled to run every 15 minutes under the 4/15 Plan, I did not even bother to check “Text my Bus” to see when the next bus would arrive. We just started walking, figuring a Gratiot bus would overtake us within 15 minutes. 25 minutes later, we had walked to Russell without seeing a Gratiot bus in either direction. Go figure.