Why does almost every government-run agency except DDOT provide Customer Service questionnaires? At every meeting NEWCC has attended with DDOT or City of Detroit officials, claims have been made that service is “improved.” We are told that “figures” support this. Not that we are shown figures, but how can they support an improvement in service without input from those served?

I ride the bus on a daily basis, and while waiting, and waiting, and waiting…take the time to ask other DDOT riders “Do you think service is improved?” Their skeptical and astounded looks would be answer enough, but the universal answer has been “No.” Likewise when I ask if they are satisfied. The same when I ask DDOT drivers if they feel they are providing a better service. What is better about service if the customers are not getting what they pay for?

Mayor Bing, when asked about bus service at the recent District 7 meeting, could only mention “Text My Bus” which has absolutely nothing to do with adherence to schedules. “Text My Bus” can only tell you how long you have to wait for a bus that is not on schedule. The published schedules have become practically useless because so few buses are ever on schedule.  3 or 4 buses jockey for position on Woodward, while Plymouth buses, already running only once per hour, are an hour or more late, the Chene bus is consistently off-schedule, and other buses may be on schedule but are often missed because the 4/15 (LOL) buses arrive so erratically.

I am amazed that an improved bottom line has allegedly been achieved when the fare boxes on about 1/3 of buses are nonfunctional. These are the fare boxes supposedly used to count ridership. Is that why Woodward buses have to leave passengers standing in all kinds of weather? Why they are filled beyond capacity before they even leave Downtown? Months after cuts to other North/South lines resulted in daily overcrowding and “bus bunching” on Woodward buses, new buses have been added, but DDOT has not added larger buses to meet the needs of service.

NEWCC has presented the Mayor and Council with a petition signed by over 1,300 Detroit residents for restoral of our DDOT service—Does this sound like a bunch of satisfied customers?

Mayor Bing, DDOT, Envisurage: ask DDOT riders if we are satisfied before you tell us OUR service has “improved!”