Today my son and I took the DDOT Oakland bus to the DMC to meet my 85 year old mom for one of her appointments. We were pretty happy that she had a 10am appointment so we could get the last Oakland bus to Mack. Unfortunately the Para-transit (also administered by Envisurage) that was supposed to pick her up at 8:30 did not arrive until about 9:30, so we beat her to Rehabilitation Institute.

Leaving there, we thought we could take the Tireman bus west, but the Tireman, despite being a route that crosses the city, is one of the many routes with limited daytime service.

I guess we could have walked a mile to Warren to head west, but we took the Woodward downtown t and made a stop at the library. The Woodward arrived pretty quick, but with standing room only and a non-working fare box.

Leaving the Downtown Library (which, BTW, usually has a better selection of schedules than the Rosa Parks Terminal) we took the People Mover to the Rosa Parks Terminal because from the library, there is really no bus within 3 blocks that goes to the terminal.

This is worse on weekends.

At the terminal, déjà vu all over again. The LED displays have not been showing arrival or departure times for 2 weeks now.

The non-working LED displays were brought up to Mayor Bing at last week’s District 7 mayoral meeting, and pretty much ignored, as was the complaint that “Text My Bus” does not work for locations (such as Rosa Parks Terminal) which service more than 2 routes. Wilfred Beal of DDOT had no response to the question “What about folks with no wireless service?” Mr. Beal did speak at great length but with little substance about the “improved” bus service.  We yet await proof of “improvement” based on Customer Satisfaction. Oh, what? Nobody asked DDOT riders if they were satisfied? What’s new?