What is at Miller and Dix? Why does Text my Bus keep giving me arrival for DDOT buses arriving there? Why after I have wasted 3 text messages; sending my location, getting a selection of buses 2 routes in 2 directions; then texting the letter of the Woodward coach, going North or South, is my 4th message often times for a coach at Miller and Dix?
I believe this intersection is near Dearborn. I am pretty sure the Woodward bus does NOT go there. Nor is it a destination for the Dexter, the Hamilton, or any bus going North and South through the North End or Mid-Town.
Along with nebulous figures that supposedly prove “better” bus service, Text my Bus is always mentioned as something that improves the DDOT customer experience. Mentioned, that is, by the Mayor and DDOT administrators.
Like the service “improvements” Text my Bus” has left DDOT riders cold-as in out in the cold waiting for buses that do not arrive on schedule or at times provided by Text my Bus.
I ride the bus most days and recently spoke with fellow DDOT riders and drivers about Text my Bus.
One driver cited non-working radios as part of the problem, stating that if the radio communication was out of order, coaches could not be tracked in “real time”. Few riders I spoke with used Text my Bus, it seemed to be considered fairly useless by most, quite a few felt it just “doesn’t work”
The majority of adult bus riders do not seem to find Text my Bus user friendly. Those with some experience texting probably started out with the idea they could just send a text and find out if their bus was on schedule. Like how you just text Bal and get your bank balance back in a few seconds.
Those riders on the Woodward line have a definite challenge because it is hard to get a letter for the Woodward, really hard if more than 1 bus uses your stop-If they have a limited amount of text minutes-say 300 per month, and work 5 days a week, taking DDOT both ways and having to make and send 4 text messages per trip, that’s at a minimum 5×2 tripsx4 weeksx4messages.
I am not a math major, but come up with 160 text messages a short month. By the time you add in calls to your job to let your boss know you are late, to a school or sitter to let them know you are late, and maybe a call or two to 911 to let them know you have been mugged or contracted frost-bite from waiting for the bus,
As I continue to insist, we do not need a system to tell us how late a bus is, we need buses arriving on schedule, in good repair and of a size to carry the number or passengers who regularly take the coach