It is getting a little cold to be waiting on buses that are not on schedule and for which you can NOT get reliable arrival times from “Text My BusTED”.

My son and I took the bus a couple times this week. Sunday evening we were given an 18-minute arrival time for the Woodward bus at E. Grand Blvd, so we started walking. We got halfway to the next stop when the Woodward bus barreled past, leaving us to walk the rest of the way to Hague St. without seeing another northbound Woodward bus.

This (Friday) evening we went to a visitation on Joy Rd. near Wyoming and texted for information when we left. We were given a 9 minute arrival time—this was good because we walked 5 blocks before finding a bus stop sign. When we finally did find a stop, the wait time had gone down to 0 minutes, but it was actually another 5 before the bus arrived.

I asked the driver where the signs were—apparently they had been knocked down some while back and never replaced. This was confirmed by passing a sign laying flat on the ground near Livernois

Signs are knocked down or come up missing and do not get replaced. This may not matter to you if you are a regular rider and know where the stop is, or if you do not get a replacement driver who does not know the route. For those who have not ridden DDOT before, and since the routes got changed when service was “improved”—it can be a nightmare. Picture how I felt as skies darkened and I was trudging along icy sidewalks in a strange neighborhood, looking for a bus stop in frigid weather, knowing that if I did not find one before the bus came, the next “scheduled” bus was not due for an hour.

So, what’s the deal with repairs? After Fox 2 showed footage of Rosa Parks Terminal, repairs were initiated on the LED displays which had been out of service for over 2 weeks. Quite a few were out of order again when we passed through on Sunday. The Oakland Bus LED was knocked down awhile back and took more than a year to be replaced. There seem to be Bus Stop signs missing all over the city.

Maybe this is something that fell through the cracks when our service was handed over to Envisurage (Eviscerate?) Or maybe it is another way to reduce scheduling problems—make fewer stops, pick up fewer people, cut those routes?