WoodWardlineI haven’t ridden the bus in a couple days, because I have been down with a pretty bad cold. Maybe I caught it Friday, when 2 Woodward buses passed me by on a harsh, cold, Michigan winter day.
I was huddled in the doorway of the police station by the stop at Woodward and Grand Boulevard with a young mother and her toddler and some young men trying to get to work. The two buses that passed us were so full you could not see daylight through their windows.

The theme of Woodward buses having to pass customers by in bad weather is getting to be a pretty old one. This is “better” service? I have been taking buses in Detroit for more than 50 years, and in the North End for the past 4 years-until the last service cuts, I have NEVER had a bus leave me at the stop because of over-crowding. Being left by 2, even 3 buses is something I could not even conceive before Envisurage took over DDOT.

There are supposedly figures supporting the great job being done on improving our service. Do they count the number of people who are left standing in all kinds of weather, those who are late for school, for appointments, for work? The people who are losing the jobs that sustain them because they cannot rely on DDOT to get them where they need to be when they need to be there?