So…after being stuck in the house for a week, fearing long waits at the bus stop, while recovering from the flu, I sallied forth into the warmer, though much wetter weather. I did not have an uncomfortably long wait on the Woodward bus, nor was it uncomfortably crowded.The fare boxes even worked, leaving today’s issue-missing Bus Stop signs and why it takes so long to effect repairs to DDOTS’s infrastructure-bus stops, LED displays, etc. Are the Administrators not paid to administer upkeep?

As I mentioned a couple weeks ago, several bus stops on Joy Rd between Wyoming and Livernois have been down for months. The Dexter stop sign, on Cass at Baltimore was knocked down months ago and has never been replaced. The sign on Lafayette at Beaubien has been missing for at least 6 months.

Are DDOT riders expected to guess where to catch these and other buses when they venture into strange territory-maybe looking for a job?

The LED displays in the Rosa Parks Terminal were all out of order for more than 2 weeks, repaired; down again within a couple days-most seem to be working now, and the crime-scene (?) tape has finally been removed from the Terminal doors, allowing access to the seldom working bus-ticket machine, and the one automated schedule kiosk.

Wilfred Beal, who seems to have surreptitiously replaced Ronald Freeman as THIC (talking head in charge) of DDOT may be able to explain this aspect of our “Better” bus service, We are Face Book friends now, so I will ask