On Thursday, my son and I took the Woodward bus to Baltimore to drop a package at the Post Office. Only one Woodward bus passed us, so only half an hour to get that far. We when walked to the New Center, just missing a Dexter bus at the un-posted bus stop on Cass and W Grand Blvd.  This sign has been gone for about a month-I am still waiting for Wilfred Beal to explain why so many missing signs, are not being replaced.

On our way home via the Woodward bus, this was a subject I talked about with the very pleasant, professional driver.

Not surprisingly, she did not agree with the notion that cuts to bus drivers salaries are what will make the system cost-effective. She pointed out that DDOT drivers had already taken more than one pay-cut.  No one has mentioned cutting administrators pay, which seems to run more into the six-figure range. How many administrators does it take to screw-up a bus system? I have not figured out the punch line to this yet.

As she waved passengers aboard her coach, which, as is typical of 1 in 3 Woodward coaches, had a non-functioning fare-box, we discussed how this impacted DDOT’s revenue.  Her fare-box was not secure on its foundation and moved every time the bus hit a bump.  Eventually the box shook loose and would not function.  The driver felt that there were not enough technicians to keep all the coaches functional.

BTW this Woodward coach, which could not accept fares, left the Downtown, at capacity-was full at Michigan and Cass, and had standing room only by the time it reached Grand Circus Park.  It still had no seats by the time I got off in the North End, yet was unable to collect fares.  I don’t see how DDOT can ask its employees to save revenue by taking pay cuts, while not collecting fares-I’m just sayin…..