It is bad enough that buses do not run on schedule, but Text my Bus is as bad as the schedules for leaving you waiting for buses that never arrive.Today, my son and I went to the Eastern Market.I texted Baltimore@Cass cross-streets, got a choice North or Southbound(B) Dexter or Woodward. I input “B” for the Southbound Dexter and got a prompt return text, telling me the Wyoming Bus would be arriving at Miller & Dix in 13 minutes???? Since I couldn’t run to Dearborn in that short a time, I was happy to see that the next Wyoming bus would only be 73 minutes….Except I was trying to get from New Center to the Eastern Market, via Mack. If at first you don’t succeed..yada, yada. Next try, Text My Bus gave a 14 minute wait for the Southbound Dexter, so we walked over to the old GM Bldg, through it to the ATM and got back to the bus stop on Cass (where the sign has been missing for months) Checked Text My Bus again. Ok, 6 minutes for the bus. After about 10 minutes, bus due 21 mi, 49 min, 69* min. Another ABA (Alien Bus Abduction)? well, maybe, cause,looking down Grand Blvd, the bus was East of the Lodge. The bus got to my stop only about 15 minutes late and packed from stem to stern.

Some folks never learn. On the bus I texted for arrival of the Mack bus, got a 2 minute arrival, so we jumped off the Dexter and hustled up to Mack and Woodward where we breathlessly waited about 15 minutes for the Mack bus. The good news? We arrived at the Market when it was closing and got great deals.