Sunday, my son and I had our worst experience yet riding a DDOT Bus. A middle-aged woman brandished a knife and cut an elderly-possibly drunk fellow passenger. This brought our ride to a halt as other  passengers rushed out the back door and she exited the bus cursing and came back with her family, still threatening to “F*ck” someone up.

I found it surprising that I seemed to be the only one (Bus Driver included) who thought the police needed to be called.

So, what happened to the increased security DDOT drivers were promised after one was badly beaten by a passenger. That lasted maybe,a week. I have not seen a police officer on any DDOT bus I ride. Maybe the picture of a Security Officer captioned “You never know who you will meet on the Bus” is supposed to be a deterrent.

It took me several minutes to convince a 911 operator to send police while we were besieged on Woodward. After the bus finally pulled off, DPS finally showed up .

What does DDOT feel drivers should do in a situation like this?

My fellow passengers had an array of opinions, and seemed to think the driver should have handled this armed and upset woman I did not think he got paid enough to risk his life.

I had to wonder, though, what provisions DDOT makes for a driver to call for help when in danger. Like most of the mechanical functions on DDOT buses, it seems the radios do not work. Before the woman attacked her fellow passenger, she brandished her weapon openly, at which point, it seemed to me, the bus driver should have been able to request assistance.  By the time she waved a weapon in the old guy’s face and threatened to emasculate him, I think it was pretty evident this was an escalating problem.
Should DDOT drivers be armed and given police training and powers?