As I ride the Woodward bus (or the Gratiot, Dexter, of Grand River) I have been talking to other riders about the 4/15 plan, which was a mollification policy trotted out to unruffle the feathers of DDOT riders whose service was cut to the quick last year.

In summary, this plan assured that these 4 buses run at 15 minute intervals during the work-week.

Instead, with chronic over-crowding, the buses have developed a malady called “Bus Bunching” where up to 3 buses roll down the major routes within minutes of one another, often too full to pick up passengers, with  additional buses showing up at unpredictable intervals.

Why is DDOT wasting money printing schedules?

As you may imagine (or experience if you need to take a DDOT bus) lack of reliable scheduling plays havoc with folks trying to get to work, to schools, or to appointments. It’s not much fun for those just trying to get somewhere, sometime, safely. Seniors and students are particularly at risk, waiting exposed to the elements of crime and weather.

If you remember, as I do, taking the formerly reliable Woodward bus, you probably cannot imagine waiting an hour to catch one.

I waited an hour, last summer in 90 degree plus weather, passed by 3 coaches,and in the winter, stood with a shivering crowd for 40 minutes watching coaches go past.

My BFF used to have a saying ” Men are like the Woodward bus-ya miss one, another will be along in a minute”. I guess that could be changed to ” SOME men (no offense to the mine or to the rest of you guys: ) are like the Woodward bus ,unreliable, too many trying to jump on one, and they don’t work”