Saturday I walked with NEWCC, along with folks from the Peoples Platform, the ACLU, the NAACP and a host of churches, fraternal organizations, and advocacy groups in the 50th Anniversary Freedom Walk.. Taking the bus from the North End to the event was no problem, getting back was a very different matter.


Buses, were, of course, re-routed because traffic was closed on Woodward for the March. Woodward was re-opened before noon, though, yet at about 1pm when I waited 20 minutes for a bus at Mack (M L King) there were no Woodward buses in sight. Since a Mack bus made it down Woodward, I had to figure this was not because the streets were still blocked.


Droves of Marchers were walking back to the Mid-Town staging area from Hart Plaza on this very hot and muggy day. It was a statement of unity and faith to walk to the Plaza in the morning. It was an ordeal to walk back in the sweltering heat and humidity. More so for the disabled, elderly and small children.


You have to wonder why DDOT missed what would have been a good opportunity to generate revenue. Obviously parking spaces were going to be scarce. Obviously thousands of people would need to return to their staging area. Maybe they thought we could not afford bus fare?


I used to go to Louisville, Kentucky for the Kentucky Derby. Days before the event, their bus service advertised bus routes from Downtown parking structures, its fairgrounds, and other access points to take you to the race track. Stops are clearly posted as taking you to Churchill Downs. Seems this would have been good for this event, for the Detroit River Days, and for the upcoming Concert of Colors