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NEWCC met yesterday with Hannah, from Parsons Brinckerhoff for an overview of Complete Streets.


Public Act 135 of 2010 requires the development of a complete streets policy to promote safe and efficient travel for all legal users of the transportation network under the jurisdiction of the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT). Public Act 135 defines complete streets as “…roadways planned, designed, and constructed to provide appropriate access to all legal users in a manner that promotes safe and efficient movement of people and goods whether by car, truck, transit, assistive device, foot, or bicycle.
The plans we saw yesterday reflected a beautiful scenario for pedestrian traffic, and an appealing route for bicyclists, but did not seem to address the issue of heavy rush-hour traffic or crowded public transportation on Woodward.
The quaint shops and appealing eateries pictured in northern communities along Woodward are already in existence and would be enhanced by tax dollars being spent to make them even more appealing, but what about tax-payers trying to get to work, to shopping, to go about their daily business using public transportation?
What about the North End and Highland Park? Will planting flowers, while removing on-street parking be beneficial to the strip malls, churches, Dollar Stores, and the few grocery stores and drugs stores located between Highland Park and the North End? How will it impact dropping off the elderly and disabled to shop, pick up a prescription, or visit a doctor?
Yesterday, after an over-crowded Woodward bus passed me on Woodward and East Grand Blvd, I walked to Hague St, almost a mile down Woodward.
I got to Hague just in time for 4 Woodward buses, all full, to arrive at the Hague St stop.
Meanwhile auto traffic was stop and go, as it always is between 5 and 6 pm. How is widening side-walks and dedicating lanes to bicycle traffic going to improve this situation?
I am not saying that the Complete Streets proposals are entirely bad, but that the North End and Highland Park need to come to the Complete Streets Presentation June 17-19 and question what this project is going to do to, and for our communities
I’m just sayin’….