My son and I love farmers markets, so in the summer we walk to our neighborhood market on Oakland, near Caniff or take the DDOT bus down Woodward to the Wayne State market.  The weather is often too hot or otherwise too intemperate to get from John R & Hague to the Oakland farmers Market. Because, DUH, someone decided, that no bus service, other than the Woodward was needed in our neighborhood on week-ends.

Never mind that a lot of folks working maintenance  level jobs, and riding the bus to get to them, have only the weekend to shop, take their kids to the doctor, and to try to renew their weary spirits at a place of worship.

The Oakland bus, passing a multitude of businesses, medical facilities and churches, not only in the north End, but in Highland Park, Mid Town, Downtown, and the East Side of Detroit, does not run on the week-end. Nor does the Russell, which runs through the Eastern Market. Now we have lost our east to west connection via the Clairmount, as well.

The Woodward runs so erratically, and has so many riders that on Wednesday, 3 passed us-it took more thnan half an hour to catch the Woodward bus. Coming back a more than 20 minute wait.
So what happened to the 4 bus lines running every 15 minutes-the 4/15 plan?

Do you think cutting other service on North to South lines like the Oakland, the Hamilton and the Russell, maybe forced riders from these buses onto the Woodward? That riders who used to take a SMART bus north in the morning are now tussling for a spot on DDOT buses?

Contracting out DDOT’s administration was supposed to improve Detroit’s  bus service. Is there truly a measurable improvement in DDOT’s bottom line, because there is assuredly not in its service?