On Friday, a friend call me, distressed that Envisaurage CEO Ronald Freeland  , could not be reached. He wanted to speak to Mr. Freeland about having a 2 hour wait for the Woodward Bus from downtown.

I had heard that Freeland was gone from DDOT, but not who had taken his place, so promised to get back with further information. What I found was confusing to say the least. Mr Freeman has taken an executive position with Parsons Brinckerhoffaccording to a Feb, 2013 report in a Baltimore paper. So I sent my friend a message, told him Freeland took a job in Baltimore and left.

“Ronald L ‘Ron’ Freeland, former chief executive of Maryland Transportation Authority (MdTA) the state toll agency is now on the Parsons Brinckerhoff payroll as a Principal Consultant.

He has previously been working as CEO of the Detroit Department of Transportation as a contractor to PB which in turn is providing senior staff to the DDOT under contract.”

Then I began to wonder-my friend had mentioned speaking to Freeland as late as last week, and having left a message at his office. So I went back and found another article, which sure enough, mentioned that Freeland was continuing to run DDOT, while heading up a division of Parsons Brinckerhoff dealing with consultation in the Public Transit arena. Apparently in Baltimore. I am guessing he took the computer program from his Detroit office, from which he claimed to monitor bus service throughout the day.

I have met Mr. Freeland, and am sure his head is big enough to wear two hats, but I just cant figure out how these two fit.

1.He is supposed to be “Improving” DDOT bus service-He has managed this without a single person I ride the bus with expressing satisfaction with the improvements.

2. He is working for a company, pushing plans to “improve” Woodward Av. without seemingly taking into account the needs of Detroit bus riders, who are picking up the tab for this.