lostJobSo…today I needed to go to the bank in Highland Park, and to the Water Store on Woodward and 7 Mile, two buses north and 1 south, and as usual, 1 in 3 buses had a broken fare box. All 3 were short on seating, and only 1 had working air-conditioning.

Our bus service is being constantly and surreptitiously cut, while the contract company that administers DDOT so poorly continues to be paid.The contractor blames paying a living wage to its employees for DDOT losing money . This shirks the question of Envisuarage’s failure to maintain the equipment, to collect fares, and to grow or at least maintain paying ridership. This is a blatant smoke-screen for irresponsible administration.

Meanwhile plans for “enhancements” to transit on the Woodward corridor continue to  be made without regard to the thousands of riders who need DDOT and SMART service to get to jobs, to school, to appointments.

NEWCC addressed concerns about the Envisurage contract to the City Council and to the Mayor prior to its renewal.

We accompanied our demands for restoration of service  and return of its control to the
City of Detroit with a petition signed by more than 1300 riders and supporters.

Apparently since the EFM putsch,  public hearings and transparency became obsolete when cutting DDOT and other city services.

750,000 dollars in grant money was spent on a study for a “Complete Streets” proposal for the Woodward corridor which took into consideration the proposed 3 .5 mile long Street Car project, being built with 25 million previously earmarked for regional Rapid Transit, took into consideration plans proposed for a BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) system, yet did not address the needs of riders who access the corridor via the DDOT system.

This despite the fact that the study was conducted by Parsons Brinckerhoff the parent company of Envisurage.

Envisurage CEO Ronald Freeland, recently accepted a little publicized (at least here in Detroit) executive position with Parsons Brinckerhoff, in Maryland. Maybe the EFM sold Detroit’s portion of Woodward to Parsons Brinkerhoff.

It does not seem to belong to Detroit citizens and tax-payers