IMG_20130505_142244This morning, my son and I made our way to King Solomon Baptist Church on 14th Street and Marquette, which is probably about 2 or 3 miles from my home in the North End-as the crow flies.We traveled about 20 miles to get there. It took me about an hour of travel time, because, as I might have expected, after waiting about 10 minutes, a Woodward bus was sighted, but rolled past me. Another was a few minutes behind it with standing room only-no air-conditioning.

I, fortunately, got a ride home, but had an errand to run in Highland Park. I had a 20 minute wait for a Woodward bus, which, you guessed it, left me in its dust. But there were 2 buses behind it, again, standing room only. Coming back from Woodward and Sears, the same scenario-buses leave the State Fair terminal nearly full and can not pick up passengers by the time they come 3 miles down Woodward.

Maybe a Highland Park to North End Street Car is needed more than one from Mid-Town to Campus Martius?

After all, in addition to the SMART and DDOT buses, folks along this 3 mile corridor, have a shuttle, running from Henry Ford, through the New Center, Wayne State and over to the Medical Center, as well as the Dexter and Hamilton buses, the Mack, the Warren. We have only the Woodward.

Why, exactly, is a 60 passenger Street Car  moving more slowly than a bicycle needed???

Are the people in this 3 mile area so important that it becomes fair and reasonable to displace and re-route thousands of Public Transit riders trying to get to work, to school, to wherever the working class goes to spend its limited income?

Is there really sufficient benefit to the city as a whole to take 25 million dollars of public funds, which could repair and provide more accessibility on Woodward and to use it for a system moving down the busiest thoroughfare in South-East Michigan at 11 miles an hour?

I guess its a great way for the well-to-do to get a close but safe view of the working stiffs waiting up to 2 hours in any kind of weather for a bus.