hague at woodwardAs a daily DDOT rider, I am beginning to think I am in the middle of a dream, where I am Rodney Dangerfield. As I watch an overcrowded bus pass my stop, or as I walk past a broken down bus, with riders milling around, impatiently calling their jobs or doctors, or child-care providers, I can not help but think, that like Dangerfield, DDOT riders get no respect. We are considered of so little account, that for the sake of “development” we are re-routed, re-scheduled, and removed from the roster of reliable employees.

Self-respect goes hand-in-hand with gainful employment.

Some look down their middle-class noses at hard-working Detroiter’s struggle to hold down a low-wage job. They forget,these are the folks who feed, clean up after, and tend to the children and elderly relatives of the well-heeled. They are doing the jobs you don’t have the time or inclination to do.

Despite what Detroit’s new Emperor, Kevin Orr says, and in spite of the abdicating King Bing’s refusal to stand up for the citizens he took an oath to serve, these workers are not dumb or lazy. Our scornful, arrogant and despotic overlords can not drive a sanitation truck, fix a broken water main, or flip a Big Mac.

If all the folks who take the bus did not show up for work tomorrow, who the hell would fix everything that broke in that 24 hours?

I rather like the image of the Mayor with a plunger in hand, and of Kevin Orr emptying his own waste-basket.

Scripture tells us “You shall not muzzle the ox that treads out the grain. And, The laborer is worthy of his reward.” (1 Timothy 5:18)