lessons-learned-in-project-management Too bad that while the new Meijer Super Store is right off Woodward Avenue, the Woodward bus does not take Detroiters that far. Like much development in Detroit, it seems to by-pass those along the Woodward corridor who had the most hope for and need of jobs and convenient shopping. BTW for those who can get there, there seem to be job openings at the soon-to-be opened Marshalls and the Pay-less store.

From the North End, we can get to the State Fair Terminal, then have nice little hike to Eight Mile, or wait up to 40 minutes for the Eight Mile bus to travel to the cute little bus stop in the Meijer parking lot. Thank goodness there are seats and some shelter from the elements, since when my son and I shopped there, we waited a about 30 minutes for a westbound Eight Mile bus.

In the heat, we did not really feel like reprising the walk we took, with a good-sized crowd, from the State Fair Terminal to the Meijer store.

I am thinking that the millions in M1 money being spent on the 3.5 mile long street-car project, could have been better spent on extending the Woodward Bus to Eight Mile. It seems kinda silly to have the bus take you that close to jobs and shopping only to make you wait and transfer to the very crowded Eight Mile line to go about a half mile.

Why does it  seem that this and every other “Development” in Detroit lately is for everyone but the Detroiters who need jobs and need transportation to get them?