13010_486732021423281_1796456337_nOn Tuesday morning, my son and I walked in solidarity with DDOT drivers, bus riders and other Detroiters concerned about the decline in service and safety on Detroit buses. If our drivers are not safe, neither are their passengers. Numerous assaults on Detroit bus drivers in recent months prove that our drivers are not safe,

I was on a Woodward bus when an argument between two passengers erupted into the senseless stabbing of an elderly man. Passengers frantically called 911, while the assailant went for re-reinforcements and returned to pound dementedly on the bus doors.

Bus riders and drivers pay taxes  for police protection . Why do we receive less than riders on the Detroit People Mover, which in addition to closed circuit cameras, has Detroit Police officers riding in teams. Why not some uniformed police on buses? They would probably be a greater deterrent to crime riding on buses than they are in cars, as yesterday when I saw a woman have to place herself in traffic, in the path of a patrol car to get attention.

I have talked to drivers who have been threatened, who have called on the police for help and had their concerns made light of. What sane person would not feel threatened by a passenger boarding the bus and announcing “I think I’ll kill a bus driver today”? I have to think that, after killing the bus driver, the witnesses would be next. Someone you know rides the bus, be concerned, be very concerned.