Bus drivers are people, too. They are working people. DDOT drivers understand the importance of having a job, of being at work on time. They know that when you take a day off from work, to go to court, to your kids school, or to see a doctor, timeliness is essential. Drivers have attendance requirements, and personal lives, same as the rest of us. Yet today I rode the Woodward Bus with a polite and professional driver, trying to pick up as many waiting passengers as he could, and listened to passengers blame him for the overcrowding, for other buses not picking them up, for making them late for work. So….why do riders blame DDOT drivers rather than the folks who create the schedules, decide how many buses are on each route, and how those buses are maintained? DDOT drivers do not control the overcrowding, schedules not being adhered to, or buses breaking down. I heard riders complain about drivers taking a break at the terminal, as though  that was the cause of the massive breakdown in bus service.  The problem is not drivers taking a necessary break, it is the out-of-control leadership of our city, leadership that does not respond to the needs of its citizens. It is not only well and good, it is essential, for our leaders to entice jobs, workers and revenue to Detroit, but what about the businesses, workers, and taxpayers who have held out and held on, loving our city through good times and bad? Bus drivers live here, work here, and surely pay taxes here. They are in the same sinking boat all of Detroit’s resident workers are in.  So,  please don’t blame a 5 minute stop at Rosa Parks Terminal for the problems with getting anywhere on DDOT. A bus driver running into the terminal for 5 minutes is NOT making the buses run late. Put the blame where it belongs, on the over-paid executives living beyond your means and beyond your reach. On Tuesday, I sat in front of the DDOT offices on Warren for 20 minutes with 2 Senior Citizens who had already been waiting more than an hour for the Cross-Town bus. Text-My-Bus had given a 13 minute wait a half hour before, with 2 more buses scheduled (???) within the hour. Bus drivers do NOT make up these schedules, they are expected to keep to the schedule they are given, for the bus they are driving. That is one bus for one bus driver. So if 3 buses have passed you, the 4th driver is not to blame for that. More of us need to go to DDOT community meetings, City Council meetings or meetings of a Transit Justice Group. We need to address the root of the problem, rather than blame it on folks as victimized as we are Maybe folks waiting an hour for a Cross-Town bus that should be running every 20 minutes, should call the news media, and storm the offices of DDOT execs….I’m just sayin’