So…cameras on DDOT buses…hmm? Now if the cameras can get a clear picture of what is going on on over-crowded DDOT buses, the assaults on bus drivers can be posted on the Internet, and shown on the evening news? Is this really a more effective or cost-effective measure than having Detroit Police board and ride Detroit buses?

Not to take our Police away from learning to “Stop and Frisk” citizens who appear suspicious to them, but if DDOT can’t get protection from the DPD, maybe drivers need a gun and a raise instead of a pay cut and loss of benefits.

Apparently in Alabama, back in Rosa Park’s day, bus drivers were deputized so they could repress dangerous attempts of  uppity “colored people” to ride in White seats. They could arrest lawbreakers, and seemingly had guns to do so.

As a bus rider, I am not enthused over the idea of Wild West shoot-outs on crowded buses, but the attacks on drivers are becoming increasingly violent ,escalating to buses and drivers being shot at. Drivers cant hide behind bullet-proof glass to do their job .

It appears that despite all the technology available to the rest of the world, they can’t send an unobserved 911 signal. Text my Bus is apparently being fed off some kind of 2 way radio transmission,  so I am at a loss to understand why DDOT drivers  do not have access to speedy assistance with abusive passengers. Getting on a cell-phone while driving a bus and dealing with a dangerously upset passenger is not a practical solution, but does suggest that an alarm system based on similar technology is available without a bank-breaking cost.

I’m just sayin’…