Yesterday no buses ran. Despite numerous attacks on bus drivers, despite a September rally of bus drivers and riders expressing concern about safety on DDOT buses, Deputy EM Gary Brown, dismissed Monday’s march for safety as an attempt to influence bargaining. From his 200,00 dollar a year perspective, he rubbed all Detroiters noses in the city’s demand for an additional 20 percent pay cuts for an increasingly dangerous job.While stating that one injured driver is one too many, he skirted the issue of more than 4 drivers seriously injured in as many weeks, of the many drivers undergoing daily threats and verbal abuse. The question of why Detroit Police can ride the People Mover, but not ride DDOT buses remains unanswered. I rode the bus today and had to wonder how much security the promised cameras would provide on a bus packed from stem to stern.

Mayor Bing, former Councilman Brown, and EM Orr draw down 613010_486732021423281_1796456337_n figure salaries and belittle the work ethic of Union workers. They put the lives of DDOT passengers and drivers at risk, with no regard for the fact that these citizens pay their salaries. I think they, and all the executives making decisions about transit in Detroit, should ride the bus, should have their salaries docked if they cant make it to work on time on the bus, should pay the late fees for child care of the citizens whose lives they juggle.