1378498_492868800809603_1295179081_nYesterday, I marched the Jericho Journey for Transit Justice and Community Benefits in the North End. I almost missed the privilege because I waited close to an hour in front of the DDOT office on Warren and Rivard, for a Cross-Town bus. I wondered if someone in the DDOT office was looking down at the two Seniors who had been waiting an hour when I arrived. I had walked across the freeway, and almost to the Medical Center when the bus, finally came, folks inhaled and let my son and me squeeze in.

So is this bus line, that connects Detroit’s East and West sides, passing through the thriving Mid-Town area, a victim like Woodward of what seems to be a conspiracy, to keep the city’s working people out of this favored area? Waiting 25 minutes for the Woodward bus at Warren, made me consider that not all conspiracy theories are paranoid.

My best friend used to say “Men are like the Woodward bus, don’t worry if you miss one, another will be along in 5 minutes”

I don’t want to insult the many great guys out there when I say who wants one if they are unreliable, don’t work, and everyone in town is jumping on the same one?